Projects realised

Google Belgium

Coding Atelier

The Google Digital Atelier is already a must-be place for adults to learn more about digital marketing, online security,... But every week the Brussels 'kets' take over! Then we keep the Coding Atelier,where we teach children between the ages of 7-13 to code thanks to Scratch and the curriculum of Google CS First.

Because of success extended to other cities.
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Content & workshops - FTTS

FTTS (Fiber To The School) is a project of the CIRB where the goal was to provide all 177 secondary schools of the Brussels Region with broadband internet!

To celebrate their successful mission, they organized an event in one of the schools. On behalf of VO Citizen I was responsible for the content and presenting a live web stream about cybersecurity for the students.
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Libraries Without Borders
Libraries Without Borders

Cyberhelden - Trainer NL

'Cyberhelden' is a pedagogical kit for primary school and primary school teachers that teach children how to behave online. Ism with the schools in Belgium we visit and give a demo to the lee forces (and pupils)
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Workshops - Trainer NL/FR/EN

CodeNPlay wants to use an extracurricular curriculum to prepare students between the ages of 8 and 12 for the future by learning to program them playfully. We are happy to help Code N Play by assisting them during the coding and robotics workshops.
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Municipality of Oudergem
Commune d'Auderghem

Workshops for seniors

The municipality of Oudergem is a municipality that lives for its inhabitants. On a regular basis, the municipality organizes workshops on Computer Science especially for its seniors. I had recently had the opportunity to offer a course on the use of Tax-on web.
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