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Everyone has their own way of doing things. That's why our workshops are unique and customized!
We ask in advance what the obstacles are. And always build an interactive workshop and together we make it a pleasant time.


Ideally suited for:

- Turn your home into a smart home.
- Guidance during your first steps in an digital environment. (TIP for your grandmother!)


Are you encountering diffculties with the digitisation in your company? Or do you just want to start an exciting new project, but you can't see the wood for the trees anymore?

Why Digibeta?

One question that is often asked is: “Cool all that advice, but what’s better?” Aha! The key question. Every person is different, and that not only is the situation different for every person. Some like to travel, others like to have contact with their family etc…

In the 90s-00s, almost all computers in Belgium were a Windows PC. Now you’re seeing more and more people with an iMac or a Chromebook. Others don’t have a computer. Well, that’s completely different advice.
I look at your level and your eagerness to learn and I adapt. Some like to write everything down, others prefer me to explain it again a few times. I understand that every person is different and i am very patient with questions.

I’m also neutral in my advice. I will always offer multiple solutions so you have a choice.
Mastodons like Apple, Microsoft and Google have products that are already very user-friendly (and free!) Even though they are all competitors of each other at some level, they also work very closely together in other areas.

It’s all pretty complicated. And what works yesterday won’t necessarily work today. What I do know is that together we will make sure it will work for you! Our goal is to teach you how to use technology better and more independently, so you’re comfortable.

Because, that’s what technology ultimately serves?!

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